About the Journal

The Electronics and Informatics Journal (ELITS) is a scholarly journal focused on publishing high-quality articles in the fields of electronics and informatics. The journal covers a wide range of important topics in information technology and communication, including electrical and electronics engineering, but is not limited to computer systems, communication networks, signal processing, software engineering, and related technologies.

ELITS provides a platform for researchers, academicians, and practitioners in the fields of electronics and informatics to share their latest discoveries, thoughts, and innovations. The journal publishes original articles, reviews, and conference papers that contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and technology in these domains.

With rigorous editorial standards, ELITS ensures that every article published undergoes a comprehensive peer-review process, ensuring the reliability, authenticity, and relevance of each contribution. Thus, the journal becomes a trusted source of information for professionals, researchers, and students interested in the development and application of electronic and informatics technology.

Through high-quality publications and broad coverage of topics, the Electronics and Informatics Journal (ELITS) plays a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and promoting innovative developments in the field of electronic and informatics technology.

Electronics and Informatics Journal

Journal title Electronics and Informatics Journal
Initials ELITS
Abbreviation electronics. and. informatics. j.
Print ISSN (On Progress)
Online ISSN (On Progress)
Frequency Two issues per year
(May and November)
Editor-in-chief Dr. Eng. Jumadi Mabe Parenreng, M.Kom. IPM
(Universitas Negeri Makassar)
Affiliation Sakura Digital Nusantara, Indonesia
Publisher Sakura Digital Nusantara
OAI Journal https://journal.diginus.id/index.php/ELITS/index/oai
Citation Analysis Google scholars

Electronics and Informatics Journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published two times a year (May and November) in English by the Sakura Digital Nusantara. This journal focuses on the theory, practice-orientedness, and methodology of all aspects of technology in the fields of electronics and informatics, as well as innovative and productive ideas related to emerging technology and computer engineering. ELITS covers original research papers that have not been published and have been peer-reviewed in a journal. All the papers are reviewed by two international reviewers, and the accepted papers will be available online (free access).