About the Journal

Electronics and Informatics Journal (ELITS) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of electronics and informatics. Published regularly, ELITS serves as a platform for researchers, academicians, and industry professionals to disseminate their original research findings, reviews, and conference papers across various topics in the fields of electronics and informatics.

ELITS welcomes contributions that explore various aspects of electronic systems, computer engineering, communication networks, signal processing, software engineering, and related technologies. The journal aims to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and drive innovation in the continually evolving domains of electronics and informatics.

Key features of ELITS include rigorous peer review, ensuring the quality and integrity of published articles, and a commitment to open access, making research accessible to a global audience without barriers. The journal adheres to high editorial standards, promoting academic excellence and facilitating knowledge exchange among researchers and practitioners worldwide.

With its broad scope and emphasis on cutting-edge research, ELITS serves as an essential resource for academics, professionals, and students seeking to stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the fields of electronics and informatics. By promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, ELITS contributes to the advancement of technology and its applications across various domains.

For researchers and scholars in the fields of electronics and informatics, ELITS provides a leading platform for the dissemination of impactful research outcomes and the exploration of emerging topics and methodologies. Join us in our mission to foster innovation and drive progress in electronics and informatics through scholarly inquiry and collaboration.