Open Access Policy

This journal adheres to the highest standards of best practices in publishing and is committed to the following principles:

1. Immediate Open Access: We firmly believe in providing unrestricted access to research content as it fosters a global exchange of knowledge.

2. Author Rights: Authors maintain their copyright and publishing rights without any encumbrances.

3. Long-Term Preservation: Our commitment extends to the long-term preservation and archiving of content.

4. Permanent Identifiers: We employ DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) as permanent identifiers for all published articles.

5. Machine-Readable Licensing: We include machine-readable Creative Commons licensing information within articles.

6. Generous Reuse: Content published under a CC BY-SA license allows for extensive reuse and adaptation.

7. Article-Level Metadata: We provide comprehensive article-level metadata to support indexers and aggregators.

8. Deposit Policy Registration: Our deposit policy is registered with a deposit policy registry, such as Sherpa/Romeo.

Our dedication to these principles ensures the dissemination of high-quality research in a manner that promotes openness, accessibility, and ethical publishing practices.