Focus and Scope

Electronics and Informatics Journal (ELITS) is a premier scholarly publication dedicated to disseminating high-quality research articles in the dynamic fields of electronics and informatics. Our journal provides a comprehensive platform for academics, researchers, and professionals to showcase their innovative work and advancements in information technology and communication. Covering a diverse array of essential topics, ELITS encompasses various domains within electrical and electronics engineering. Our scope extends to include but is not limited to:

Information Technology:
  • Distributed Systems
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Big Data and Data Mining
  • Visualization and Computer Graphics
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Decision Support System
  • Digital Marketing
  • Network and Cyber Security
Signal Processing & Machine Intelligence:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Applications of GPU for Machine Learning
  • Signal and Image Analysis
  • Image Understanding
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Bioinformatics
Communication & Network Technologies:
  • Networking and Telecommunication Systems
  • Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Cooperative Communications
  • Radio Resource Management and Optimization
  • Vehicular Communications
  • Information Theory
  • Software Defined Networking
Electronics, Circuits, and Systems:
  • Green Design for VLSI and Micro Electronic Circuits
  • Embedded Systems and SoC design
  • Power Electronics
  • RF Devices and Circuits
  • Computer-Aided–Electronics Design and Technology
  • Device Material and Manufacturing Technology
  • Photonic and Optoelectronic Circuits
Power System:
  • Power Generation, Protection, and Conversion
  • Power Engineering and Systems
  • High-Voltage Engineering
  • Power Transmission and Distributions
  • Electric Motors
  • Power Electronics
  • Smart Grid
  • Renewable Energy
  • Microgrid and Distributed Generations
Control Systems:
  • Control Theory and Applications
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • Intelligent Control
  • Robust and Nonlinear Control
  • Adaptive Control
  • Industrial Automation and Control Systems Technology
  • Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems
  • Geometric Control Theory and Applications
Aerial Communications and UAV Technology:
  • Networking architectures and communication protocols
  • Agile, intelligent, and resilient aerial communications
  • Air-ground and air-air channel modelling & measurements
  • Spectrum management and multiple access schemes
  • Interference mitigation
  • Manned and unmanned aerial systems communication
  • Aerial swarm communications and control
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile edge computing for UAVs
  • 3D aerial node placement and trajectory optimization
  • Joint trajectory design and resource allocation
  • Internet connectivity using aerial platforms
  • UAV-supported data offloading
  • Physical and cyber security in UAV communications
  • Energy consumption and energy supplying methods
  • UAV-assisted broadband services
  • Cyber-physical models
  • Integration of UAVs in 5G and 6G mobile networks
  • Human and machine teaming in UAV
  • Wireless power transfer for UAVs
  • Digital twins for UAVs
  • Experiments, demonstrations, and field tests
  • Economic frameworks and business models
  • Regulation, standards, and best practices
  • Security and Privacy
  • UAV-supported emergency communications
By addressing these critical areas, ELITS aims to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and technology in the rapidly evolving landscape of electronics and informatics. Through rigorous peer-review processes and stringent editorial standards, ELITS ensures the publication of cutting-edge research that meets the highest academic and scientific criteria. We strive to foster collaboration, innovation, and excellence within the global research community, thereby facilitating meaningful contributions to the advancement of society and technology. Authors are invited to submit their original research, review articles, and case studies to ELITS for consideration. By publishing with us, researchers can reach a broad audience of scholars, practitioners, and industry professionals, thereby enhancing the visibility and impact of their work. We welcome contributions from diverse perspectives and encourage interdisciplinary approaches to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in electronics and informatics. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation at Electronics and Informatics Journal (ELITS), where excellence in research meets excellence in publication.