Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Journal of Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management Business and Accounting (JEEMBA) is published by Sakura Digital Nusantara which was first published in January 2023, taking part in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship, management and accounting, especially in the fields of capital market management accounting, business law, taxation, information systems and other economic and financial fields. JEEMBA is published twice a year, every January and July. Articles published in JEEMBA can be in the form of research articles or conceptual articles (non-research).

This statement of scientific code of ethics is a statement of the code of ethics of all parties involved in the publication process of the scientific journal JEEMBA, namely managers, section editors, reviewers and authors. The core of the code of ethics for scientific publications includes three ethical values in publication, namely:

1. Neutrality, which is free from conflicts of interest in the management of of the publication

2. Fairness, i.e. giving authorship rights to those who are entitled as authors

3. Honesty, i.e. free from plagiarism in publications.


Publisher Responsibility

  1. The publisher of JEEMBA Journal is responsible for publishing manuscripts after going through the editing, reviewing, and layout process in accordance with the rules for publishing Scientific Journals.
  2. The publisher of JEEMBA Journal is responsible for ensuring academic freedom for editors and independent reviewers in carrying out their respective duties.
  3. The publisher of JEEMBA Journal is responsible for maintaining privacy and editorial freedom.


Tanggung Jawab Editor

  1. Editor Jurnal JEEMBA bertanggungjawab dalam memutuskan naskah yang layak dipublikasikan melalui rapat dewan editor yang mengacu pada kebijakan editorial bagian. Selain itu, editor bertanggung jawab untuk mendeteksi plagiarisme.
  2. Dalam proses penelaahan dan penerimaan naskah, team editor berasaskan pada asas kesamaan perilaku dalam pengambilan keputusan untuk mempublikasikan naskah dengan tidak membedakan ras, jenis kelamin, agama, etnis, kewarganegaraan atau ideoligi politik dari penulis.
  3. Editorial dan tim editor tidak akan memberitahukan kepada penulis tentang siapa yang menelaah kelayakan terbit dan sebaliknya nya (blind review).
  4. Naskah yang tidak diterbitkan tidak akan digunakan oleh peneliti editor untuk kepentingannya sendiri dan akan dikembalikan langsung kepada penulisnya.


Reviewer Responsibility

  1. Reviewers assist section editors in making editorial decisions on submitted articles.
  2. Reviewers are responsible for the recommendations of the articles they review.
  3. Article reviews are conducted in a blind review and are objective and supported by clear arguments.
  4. Reviewers are responsible for citations, references to the articles they review.
  5. Reviewers must always maintain the confidentiality of information and not use information from the articles they review for their own interests,

Section Editor Responsibility

  1. The section editor is responsible for citations, references, for the article he/she is reviewing after suggestions or feedback from the reviewer.
  2. The section editor is responsible for correcting whether what is suggested by the reviewer has been done.
  3. The section editor is responsible for correcting the article whether it complies with the policies of the JEEMBA journal.


Author Responsibility

  1. The author presents research articles or thoughts clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism.
  2. The author must indicate the reference of the opinions and works of others quoted.
  3. Authors are responsible for confirmation of the article they have written.
  4. Authors must write articles ethically, honestly, and responsibly, in accordance with applicable scientific writing regulations.
  5. The author does not mind if the article undergoes editing without changing the substance.